Avoid Gaining Unnecessary Weight With A Pregnancy Fitness Plan

pwp_coverWhy do you need a pregnancy fitness plan? So that you can have the healthiest, happiest pregnancy possible and recover from labor and delivery even faster.

Many women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever they want. “Eating for 2” has become a common saying. But what actually happens is you eat more than you need to, you gain unnecessary pounds, and the extra weight leaves you feeling lethargic, bloated and fat.

When you don’t have a good pregnancy fitness plan, not only do you feel tired and fat throughout your pregnancy, but you also end up with a lot of extra weight to lose after you have the baby.

But if you follow a good pregnancy fitness plan, you can go through your pregnancy looking and feeling great. Staying in the best possible shape you can could also help you get through your labor and delivery easier.

And, with a good pregnancy fitness plan, after the baby is born, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll be back to your pre-pregnancy (if not better) shape.

And Pregnancy Without Pounds can help you do it. It’s a complete guide to staying fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Exercise, diet, and everything you need to know about your changing body and your developing baby; Pregnancy Without Pounds will give you the pregnancy fitness plan you need to get you through your pregnancy and delivery with both you and your baby as healthy as possible.

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But why should you listen to me? Because I’ve been where you are. You see, when I got pregnant with my first child, I didn’t follow any kind of pregnancy fitness plan whatsoever. I ate whatever I wanted and blamed any weight gain I had on the baby. In all, I gained about 60 pounds.

Everybody told me not to worry, and that I would lose at least 20 pounds with the birth, and the rest would come off shortly after when I was breastfeeding.

Well, I came home from the hospital with my beautiful daughter, and only 12 pounds lighter than when I went in. Fast forward 5 months of sleepless nights and too few showers, and I was still carrying around an extra 30 pounds. Two years later, I still weighed 10 pounds more than I did before I got pregnant.

When I got pregnant again, I was determined to follow a good pregnancy fitness plan this time so I could minimize the amount of weight I gained, and hopefully feel better throughout my pregnancy. I found Pregnancy Without Pounds, and concentrated on following the guidelines and staying healthy and fit throughout my pregnancy.

The difference between my two pregnancies was like night and day. With my daughter, I was eating whatever I wanted, but I was also lethargic, irritable, and I felt so fat. With my son, following the Pregnancy Without Pounds kit, I felt great. I had a ton of energy, and I was actually proud of my growing belly and showed it off instead of feeling fat and bloated all the time. By the time I went into the hospital, I had only gained 25 pounds.

Because I was in better shape thanks to my pregnancy fitness plan, my recovery from the birth of my son was faster and I was up and about much earlier. Still sleep deprived and not showering enough, but I had a lot more energy. Because I had followed the pregnancy fitness guide throughout, I was able to start exercising after the birth much faster.

By the time my son was 3 months old, I was back to my old pre-pregnancy weight. And I mean the pre-pregnancy weight from before I had my first child. That’s right, by following Pregnancy Without Pounds pregnancy fitness guide I was able to not only drop the weight I gained while pregnant with my son, but also that stubborn 10 pounds that had stuck around from my pregnancy with my daughter.

So what’s stopping you from having a great, healthy, and fit pregnancy? Following a pregnancy guide like Pregnancy Without Pounds will let you have the best possible experience throughout your pregnancy and the recovery afterwards.

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